Fascinating pictures

1. “A firefighter giving water to a young Koala Bear during bush fires in Australia.”
2. “A baby elephant that lost her mother greets the man that is caring for her”

1. “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”
2. “Restaurant in Bora Bora” 

2. “Ice Canyon, Greenland”

1. “He got sandals on, I love it.”
2. “Asian Leopard Kitten.” 

1. “Dolomites, Alps, Italy”
2. “Caddo Lake in the United States,Texas”

1. “Yorkshire Dales, England”
2. “Wizards Hat, Oregon” 

1. “The Gulf of Alaska, where two oceans meet, but do not mix!” 
2. “San Diego’s Sunset Cliff” 

1. “Blue Lake, Patagonia, Argentina” 
2. “Pearl Shoal Waterfall – China” 

1. “Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. Photo by Carl Pan.”
2. “Lake Solbjornvannet, Norway. Photo by Stein Liland.” 

1. “Piglets.”

1. “Beautiful Cherry River, West Virginia”
2. “War vet gets the best seat in the house at his favorite bands concert.”

Jeg syns virkelig slike bilder er så fascinerende og interessant å se på. Alle bildene og tekstene er fra twitterkontoer som jeg følger (@people, @Fascinatingpics, @FascinatingPix og @Beautifulpics). 

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