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Hallo, It’s me Enzo,

Too make Carolyn’s blog fun, I had an idea to write a post on her blog. So I’m gonna tell you guys about myself. I’m 19 years old, 6ft. tall and I’m in love with a beautiful girl named Carolyn♥. I grew up in a big city here in the Philippines called Quezon city, Manila. I grew up there till I was 10 years old and moved to Davao city(where me and Carolyn met). I’m now studying College as an HRM student and I’ll be graduating next year. I started my career 2 years ago, Since then I’ve had 4 jobs. I’ve been both a bartender and a barista. My most obvious talent is juggling bottles or what we bartenders call Flair. My biggest achievement must be when I competed for the TGI Friday’s Philippine bartending championships when I went up against 11 of the best bartenders you can find in the Philippines. I didn’t win 1st place though, but being one of the competitors for the national level was pretty awesome XD.  I’m gonna come back this year to get another shot for the championships. Well enough about me, now I’m gonna start talking about me and Carolyn <3. The first night I saw her was December 16, 2011. I still remember that night well. She was with her cousin, Johan when she walked inside the restaurant. It took a few night’s for us to get to really meet and know each other. Since then we spent ALL of our free time together. I knew that she was gonna go back to Norway soon. But that didn’t matter to me. I didn’t waste a single moment of my free time. When I wasn’t with her, I was either sleeping or working. That time, sleep wasn’t really important to me. I just slept from 2-4 hours daily so I could spend more time with her. For her last few days, I filed a 3 day leave from work (good thing my boss let me). We practically spent those 3 whole days together. Until the big day came 🙁  Since then I’ve never missed a day (night for me) on Skype. Just so we could talk 4-6 hours daily :). Our record is 13 hours 9AM to 10PM in Norway or 4PM to 5AM in the Philippines. 

I’m happy to answer any of your’e questions. Just write them in the comment field 🙂
Hade XD

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